Chaudhry Junaid Ahsen Ali
Cyber Security Professional & Researcher
Senior Member IEEE,
CEO Duja Inc. Australia.
53 Darch Street, Yokine, Perth, Western Australia.
(+61) 4021 827-86

Research Grants And Endowments

Collaboration Enhancement Grant, Edith Cowan University, Australia.

1l May 2017

The ECU Collaboration Enhancement Scheme (CES) provides funding to support new developing initiatives that will widen the Universitys research collaboration capacity both nationally and inter- nationally. The overall aim of this program is to stimulate and facilitate high quality collaborations with external organisations that will enhance opportunities for ECU sta to develop research skills and knowledge, research publications and grants.

Aspire Professional Development Grant

June 2017

The Aspire University Professional Development Awards are designed to assist in the professional development of university sta by funding attendance at an international conference in their cho- sen eld of endeavour. The funding covers travel, accommodation and registration expenses to the maximum value of each Award.

Towards a wearable and WBAN-based health monitoring and automatic diagnosis sys- tem for low cost personal health care in Qatar / A study on Caller Identi cation Spoo ng Attacks on National Telecommunication Service Providers / Voice Trac Encryption using hard encryption methods / Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities and countering technique, Funding Body

Feb 2012 - March 2015

In these projects, my role was that of a co-Principle Investigator (Co-PI).

Fault Tolerant Middleware for Self Healing Wireless Mesh Networks

Jun 2011

Awarded in 2011 my the Ministry of Science and Technology in E-Science Grant Scheme. My role in it was of a Principle Investigator (PI).

OKKAM- Enabling the web of entities

Feb 2008

Awarded in 2008 within the OKKAM project, the sub project title: "Entity Life cycle Manage- ment", which was funded by the EU was one year long project and my role in it was of a Principle Investigator (PI).

Distributed Wireless Networks Life Time Estimation through RSSI and Signal Inter- ference Patterns

Jan 2012

Awarded in 2012 in Research University Grant (RUG) at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, my role in this project was of the Principle Investigator (PI).

U-Frontier Project (Smart home application and OSGi service gateways / Autonomic network management and ubiquitous service integration /Autonomic unit testing for Industrial control software/ Collaborative processing in wireless sensor networks / Au- tonomic Self-Healing Engine for Autonomic Threat Management

Jan 2004-Dec 2008

Awarded between 2004 and 2008, these projects were funded by the National Center of Excellence in Ubiquitous Computing and Networks and my role in these projects was of the Principle Investigator (PI).

Symbion Operating System extension for ubiquitous wearable devices for smart tagging in smart spaces

Sep 2003

In my role as the Co-Principle Investigator (Co-PI) involved hands on hardware and software en- gineering on Nokia handheld devices for their integration with the OSGi-based service gateway environment which was the service platform for the u-frontier project.