Chaudhry Junaid Ahsen Ali
Cyber Security Professional & Researcher
Senior Member IEEE,
CEO Duja Inc. Australia.
53 Darch Street, Yokine, Perth, Western Australia.
(+61) 4021 827-86

Employment History

Research Scientist, Security Research Institute, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia.

November 2016 - to present

Security Research Center (SRI) at Edith Cowan University is the premier research institute in cyber security in Australia. My role at SRI is to conduct research in cyber security research issues in med- ical and public health sector, context aware network security, digital forensics, and cross disciplinary solutions. I supervise HRD students, and play a key role in cyber security projects.

Guest Professor/Security Consultant, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

June 2015 to Apr 2016

University of Amsterdam is the largest university in Europe that runs the top rated cyber security masters program in the Netherlands. My role as a security consultant included the following tasks: DevOps type engagement where I performed as internal consultants in the industry sponsored se- curity projects while managing production and test environments in-house, Process engineering and its documentation to maximize the e ectiveness of the program, Stakeholders engagement in project bidding, resource requisitioning, project governance, and delivery, and Security training after iden- tifying skills gap among project members. At UvA, I successfully completed the following projects: Using OpenSoC for Distributed Correlation Measurement of Isolated Anomalies Detection, Side Channel Attacks on Smart Cards using Glitching, Splunk for Counter Phishing aide at L2, Quan- ti able Security Matrix for Penetration Testing Frameworks, and Detecting BGP hijacks on Dutch networks. In these projects, the following open source technologies were used: Linux containers, Docker, Xen, OpenSoc, Splunk, Python, C/ C++, R/SAS/S Plus, SQL/PL, AWS, MongoDB, and others.

Team Lead RD and Training Cyber Security), Information Security Center, Ministry of Interior, Qatar.

Feb 2012 to Apr 2015

Information Security Center is the rst line to report any security incidents for public offices. The department provides technical advice to the Prime Minister of the state, conducts security as- sessments, conducts security awareness trainings, and evaluates the technology acquisitions from external vendors. My role as a security consultant included the following tasks: Security Gap and Skills Need Analysis, Vendor Management, Project Management and Governance, Team Lead for in-house software (PoC, Patch, and Scripting), Team lead for 24/7 Incident Response team (malware analysis), Provided managed Service solution in cooperation with local law enforcement and Com- puter Emergency Response Team (CERT), Performed Digital Forensics and Information Retrieval Services in-line with the local digital evidence handing laws, and I Managed a team of penetration testers. I successfully completed the following projects: National SoC Establishment, Counter DDoS Measures during hacktivists and state sponsored Invasions, APT detection in ICS in Petroleum In- dustry, Cross site scripting countermeasures, Detecting BGP hijacks for a large number of Dutch networks, Secure Communications, Security Evaluation and incident response exercises, and Aware- ness campaigns and training exercises against APTs e.g. Phishing Campaigns for training purposes. In these projects, the following tools were used: EnCase, FTK, Autopsy, C/C++, Java, Matlab, Python, MS Project/Visio, BPML, others.

Senior Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia.

Feb 2010 to Jan 2012

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia is a public research University in Malaysia and a research-intensive university in engineering, science and technology ranked among the top 100. My role as a senior lecturer included: To provided leadership and management at departmental level (head internation- alisation committee, nal thesis evaluation committee, sta development committee) and contributed to accreditation activities, To supervise ethical, high quality research for postgraduate students in the domain of Information Security, To hunt grants and seek industrial collaboration at venues like Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation, EU-FPx), Regional grants, Telecom Malaysia, To practice project management, Manage teams of 14 postgraduate, PhD students, and engineers in di erent projects, To teach 2 courses per semester, and Curriculum design and evaluation. I success- fully completed the following projects: RSSI based location tracking, Entity Life cycle Management Lazy Algorithms for Data Synchronization in OKKAM backbone Clusters Network Life Estimation using Wireless Network SNR, Traffic Analysis of Connection Oriented and Connection-less Marked Packets, and Secure SIP Communications. In these projects, the following tools were used: Android SDK, C/C++, Java, Python, Matlab, NS2, OPNET, Linux, R, Statistical Analysis (regression, anomaly and outlier analysis), ltering and correlation analysis, linear and non linear jointing, etc.

Research Fellow, University of Trento, Italy.

Feb 2008 to Dec 2009

The University of Trento is an Italian university located in Trento and nearby Rovereto. It has been able to achieve considerable results in didactics, research, and international relations according to CENSIS and the Italian Ministry of Education. My role was to play a key role in the system inte- gration team in the OKKAM project: a European union sponsored FP7 project. I created modules for the OKKAM backbone security, entity life cycle management, and distributed entity security. In that role, I also supervised masters and honors students and published the results of experiments in research journals and presented them in scienti c conferences.

Project Officer, National Center of Excellence in Ubiquitous Networks, South Korea.

Sep 2003 to Jan 2008

The National Center of Excellence in Ubiquitous Computing and Networks was established at Ajou University as a result of 10 years long grant by the Korean government in nding next generation market for Internet of Things and Smart Spaces. The center had 150+ researchers divided into di erent teams i.e. integration, middleware, gateway, user interface, application, and smart devices teams. Some of the industrial partners included Samsung electronics, LG electronics, SK Telecom etc. My role as a project officer included the following tasks: Software Development in system integration team, Plug-and-play self con guration middleware development for ubiquitous devices, I used java based OSGi framework do de ne work ow, service generation, service discovery, and context switching engine, This role involved into project management, reporting and budgeting, Developed smart middleware that, through the algorithms it developed, guaranteed maximum up time. I enhanced the self con guration module and developed a new self optimization routine based on network traffic behavior. This involved development of model from network traffic patterns and their deployment on the production environment autonomously. In addition to the responsibilities mentioned above. I successfully completed the following projects: Collaborative Processing in Wire- less Sensor Networks, Distributed Context Aware Applications Development, Self Growing, Smart Middleware for Home Gateways in Smart Home Environment, Self Healing Systems and Fault De- tection. In these projects, the following tools were used: OSGi Gateway Manager, J2EE, C/C++, R, Matlab, NS2, emBedded Builder, MS project, BPML, etc.

Other Employment

[Adjunct, Remote] Adjunct Professor, Muslim Youth University, Pakistan.

April 2017 to present

In my role as an adjunct faculty member at Muslim Youth University (MYU), I supervise the HRD students in collaboration with the full time faculty at the MYU. I also sit in the thesis examination and evaluation committee and assist in grant proposal writing. This in an honorary position.

[Part Time] Chief Executive Officer, Duja Inc. Australia.

April 2010 to present

Duja is a startup where we utilize open source technologies to research and develop novel solutions that help the business community in safe guarding themselves from cyber disruptions. Some of the projects we are working on at Duja are: To provide infrastructure maintenance and upgrade support, Penetration testing assimilation platform, Mobile Medical applications for assisting in de- pression diagnosis, Quick and secure deployment of docker containers as honeypots, Customized Threat Intelligence Reporting, and others. This role requires excellent project, nancial, and team management skills.

[Part Time] Research Consultant, Qatar University

Feb 2012 to Jul 2013

In this part time role, I played a key role in the Qatar Foundation sponsored project where I con- tributed with my knowledge and programming skills in Matlab, Android SDK, and with R skills.

[Fixed Term, Remote] Educational Consultant, University of Hail, Saudi Arabia

Jan 2009 to Jan 2010

The University of Hail is a public university in the remote area of Saudi Arabia. With 5500 students, its the largest university in the Hail region. In contributed in curriculum design for the computer science faculty, taught courses on line, and provided consultancy in setting up the computer labs.